Lessons To Energize Your Age Esteem

By admin on April 26, 2011 in Age Esteemers

When is the last time you spent 12 hours non-stop and still had energy to spare?  Yesterday?  Ten years ago?

Our age esteem soars when we are full of energy and vitality.   We feel good about ourselves at the age we are.  We are happier and healthier.

On my hour drive home from playing with my two little granddaughters ages 2 and 4 for ten hours, after my early morning drive to their home, I was still bubbling with energy.  I felt exuberant.

Why would I feel energized after such a long day?  One reason is that I did not babysit.  Instead, I played!   We spent the whole day having fun, doing what we enjoyed.  It was a powerful lesson on how to put more energy into your age esteem.

  • Build into your day activities that you enjoy.  – Roll in the grass.
  • Find ways to make activities that you must do enjoyable.  –  Sing to your spinach.
  • Change activities when your attention span tires and move onto something else.  – Make cookies and then paint pictures.
  • Move and use all parts of your body.  – Dance with abandon.
  • Create a balance between quiet activities and active ones.  – Read a book and then play tag.
  • Take a break in your day to nap or meditate.  – Go to sleep after lunch.
  • Drink often and have a small snack in the morning and again in the afternoon. – Fruit and cookies.
  • Laugh with abandon.
  • Hug others as often as possible. –  Include animals and stuffed toys.

Practice these simple lessons to put more energy into your age esteem.  Feel happier and healthier.

Bonnie Fatio


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